In Bloxorz, you must move a rectangular block around the stage in such a way that you get it to fall perfectly into the square hole. In many cases, it will take quite a bit of manuevering to pull this off since the block cover 2 squares when on its side but just 1 square when standing upright. You'll see what I mean when you play. As you play this game, you'll come across switches on the floor shaped like "O" and "X". These switches will usually open up bridges so you can access other parts of the level. Be careful though because the switches are toggles and the bridge will disappear if you hit the toggle a second time. The last type of switch looks like "()". It will teleport your block to another part of the level and also split you into 2 little blocks. If the blocks are placed adjacent to each other, they will rejoin. Beware of the dreaded orange blocks. These blocks are fragile and will break if you stand your block upright on top of them causing you to fall. If you are having trouble, scroll down to check out the help videos underneath the game.

Use the arrow keys to move the block around. On some levels, your block will split in 2. Use the spacebar to switch between the 2 blocks. Also, the videos below will help you if you get stuck.

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Bloxorz Level 33 in 26s
Bloxorz Levels 1-33 w/ Passcodes
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